Monday, November 4, 2019

Conclusion of Logoplaste's Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Conclusion of Logoplaste's Business Plan - Essay Example T analysis to analyse the micro and macroeconomic environment of the Logoplaste company with a view to determining the strategic option which can help secure the near and longterm future of the company. Logoplaste should direct its efforts at increasing its growth rate. This can be achieved by targeting local firms functioning in the current markets more aggressively and by securing the growth through propagation into new markets. Different measures are needed to be taken to put these actions into practice. These actions include but are not limited to conducting regular workshops and meetings to gain the perspectives and opinions of the staff members, contemplation of a growth strategy, conducting market analysis in the foreign economies where the company intends to expand, and investing in new technologies. Taking the proposed measures would help Logoplaste achieve the desired change in the long-term. Nevertheless, the company needs to conduct a thorough risk analysis before expanding internationally to maximize its chances of success. Earlier identification and targeting of the risks and taking appropriate measures to mitigate them is fundamental to successful expansion in foreign countries where the company has not done business before. In conclusion, Logoplaste is a very successful company and has all the potential and resources to grow internationally. In this age of globalization, a company cannot gain global recognition without expanding internationally and enlarging its consumer base across nations and geographic boundaries. It is anticipated that if Logoplaste places emphasis on the aforementioned actions in the report, it would not take the company long to position itself among the most successful global corporations and take its profitability to new

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