Monday, October 7, 2019

Critically evaluate a UK based company of your choice in relation to Essay

Critically evaluate a UK based company of your choice in relation to how successful they are at social marketing - Essay Example price, product, promotion and place. Various strategic models, tools and concepts are made to enhance the effectiveness of overall strategic formulation. This paper will attempt to discuss about social marketing followed by an UK based company and how its social marketing has contributed to the success of the company. The Marks & Spencer is UK based company that has been selected for this report. At first, this essay will present a brief introduction of the Marks & Spencer followed by the discussion on social marketing strategy of the company. The next section will discuss about the competitors’ move in respect of social marketing comparing the Marks & Spencer. Finally, proper recommendations will be provided in order to bring improvement in social marketing strategy for obtaining term sustainable competitive advantage. ‘Social marketing’ is a concept that concentrates on communicational and promotional aspect of marketing. As per the Social Marketing Institute, â€Å"social marketing is the planning and implementation of programs designed to bring about social change using concepts from commercial marketing† (Social Marketing Institute, â€Å"Social Marketing†). According to Kotler Roberto and Lee, â€Å"social marketing is the use of the marketing principles band techniques to influence the target audience to voluntarily accept, reject, modify, or abandon a behavior for the benefit of individual, groups or society as a whole† (Kotler Roberto and Lee, p.5). Social marketing is meant to bring social changes to its targeted groups. Social marketing can be used to achieve profit making or non-profit making organizational goals. The social marketing is basically customer, client or audience centered. Therefore, for successful social marketing, it is very necessary to identify the appropriate and potential group and to develop proper communication for increasing the effectiveness. For planning and

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