Friday, October 18, 2019

Leading Employees and Best Practices Manual for New Supervisors Essay

Leading Employees and Best Practices Manual for New Supervisors - Essay Example Moreover, I do my best to influence the outcomes of the events in my workplace through my almost perfect work. My almost perfect work makes me to have the magnetism to attract people in the workplace. I also enjoy consulting on the workplace concerning complex issues and problems, which faces the managers. However, I also enjoy planning, directing, and controlling the staff of a department to ensure the company obtains the highest profit margins. I also consult with business groups and companies to improve effectiveness. To achieve this, I deal with level upon level of bureaucratic red tapes and pressure to improve the performance. I wake up early in the morning before sunrise and continue into late night during my job. I also get concerned on how well others do their work. I am a self-starter and full of enthusiasms about everything I do. I strive to do the best, and get involved in all competitive activities including sports. I have won several awards for outstanding performances. I also ensure that before doing a certain task, I have completed the previous one. I have an inner drive, which motivates me to accomplish something that had never been done before. In doing this, I maintain a sense of purpose and direction which is larger than I am. I would enjoy being in a job that requires hard and fast decisions. I also prefer being free and independent at work and a high salary and job security. I firmly believe that those who take the most risks with their own savings should receive the greatest financial rewards. This characteristic enables me to believe that I am courageous, energetic, and optimistic. I am also good at appraising others in the work place and I give credit readily where it is due. Instead of arguing with people, I give a benefit of doubt although very rarely. To achieve this, I am mostly honest and ruthless if others play the devious rules (Rue & Byars, 2006, p.256). A Comprehensive Best Practices Manual for New Supervisors This manual will h elp guide the supervisors to attain the best practices in this company. It contains important parts that makeup good supervisory skills that will guide supervisors throughout their supervisory level. Several elements are contained in this manual as follows. Demonstrating Communication Skills This is very important to supervisors. The employees will respond well to supervisors that communicate well and are comfortable taking instructions from them. The two best approaches in communication will involve listening and speaking. During communication, the supervisor ought to listen more while the rest of the time will be used in speaking and directing. Listening helps the supervisors gain knowledge of the people that the supervisor is responsible. It also helps the supervisor gain an insight on the weakness of the employees, their skills, complaints, and the ideas. It also involves active listening, which allows the supervisor to comprehend what the speaker is saying, and helps solve the problems. The second element involved in communication is speaking. This constitutes of a small percentage. It involves giving instructions and solutions to employees’ problems. Determining effective orientation and training methods for employee training A vital key to training employees is to ensure that they have the required information to do the job before they start the job. It is important to ensure that the employees feel as if they are embarking on an

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