Wednesday, October 9, 2019

House (Tv Series) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

House (Tv Series) - Essay Example According to the research "House (Tv series)" findings, â€Å"House† is a medical TV series that does not just give a glimpse of the daily activities of doctors in the hospital but also gives a lot of information about diseases. It is an interesting material that can be used by medical students because the series can really serve as strong motivations to know the facts and not just rely on what is seen on TV. Of course, for the laypeople who view the episodes, they will definitely be in awe of the stories but when one really digs deeper into the diseases presented, mistakes will be discovered and this will serve as a material that encourages research or the like. In addition, the stories also delve into the personal lives of the characters involved. The series perhaps tries to show how normally doctors live and not idolize them thinking only of the prestige and salary they enjoy. Behind the wonderful image, people see doctors being, there are so many difficulties that they als o struggle with. They have their relationship problems to deal with but they try as much as they can to serve in the hospital in the most professional way. Moreover, there were times that the doctors were emotionally affected by the death of their patients. One example of which is the story of a patient in season 6 episode 21, who was trapped in an accident area and has to have her leg amputated so she can be moved out of the debris. Unfortunately, the patient dies from a fat embolism. This affected Dr. House so much that he turned to his drug addiction.

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